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My name is Julia. And my youngest son is Theodore Kovalskii. I've named this store in his honor.

I moved from Saint-Petersburg to Cyprus three years ago to work for a large IT company. But unfortunately my favorite bookshops could not move with me. I often remember how nice it was to go with my eldest son to a big beautiful bookstore on Saturdays - meet our friends, have some coffee and enjoy looking through the pages of wonderful books.

So when one year ago Theo was born and our home got filled with children's books again - I realized that I absolutely craved a new place of power for my soul in this new life. And I was ready to create it myself.

For now Little Kovalskii is in online format, but it's only the first step.

Stay with us, read to your children before sleep and gift books to your friends. I am happy to welcome you here!

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